French language service
Audio-video transcription: word for word
or revised transcription (+ subtitling).



Translation from English (US, UK) into French (France)
Documents : social media content, articles, web pages, practical books, white books, brochures, internal documents, mails, etc.
Fields : feminism, art, culture, tourism, marketing, communication.



Modification and proofreading of
machine translation (EN>FR).

Your text deserves the best: rely on a translation and proofreading specialist

Translation and proofreading services rely on the expertise of professionals to ensure your text's quality, accuracy, clarity, and reliability.

Translation is a specialized profession that requires deep linguistic skills and a nuanced understanding of the languages at hand. Relying on automatic translation tools can result in the loss of subtle nuances and incoherent sentences. Conversely, professional translators make informed choices based on context, preserving the authenticity and fluency of the translation.

Traduire traduction anglais français faire appel à un traducteur professionnel traductrice professionnelle
traduction automatique vs traduction professionnelle

Proofreading involves enhancing the quality, clarity, and trustworthiness of written content by identifying and correcting various errors, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Professional proofreaders prioritize coherence, fluidity, and linguistic precision, ultimately bolstering the reliability of the content and ensuring effective communication.

Entrusting proofreading to untrained individuals or online tools carries significant risks, potentially leading to errors and altering the intended meaning of the text.

It is essential to engage the services of a professional proofreader who possesses linguistic expertise. Their intervention enhances the document's quality, eliminates errors, and provides suggestions to improve clarity and structure.

By collaborating with professional translators or proofreaders, depending on your specific needs, you gain access to linguistic proficiency, precise and tailored work, and an overall enhancement of your content's quality and clarity. Their role is to add substantial value by ensuring the excellence of your text, making it more fluid, well-structured, and tailored to your target audience.

Unlike online correction or translation tools, these professionals possess the ability to identify ambiguities, redundancies, or awkward phrasings, refining your message for clear and effective communication while reinforcing its trustworthiness.

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